Powerful Language

I haven't done many posts on the art of writing itself recently, so I decided to post about something I genuinely love about writing: Portraying emotions through fantasy characters, and in doing so connect to the reader so they can live the emotions through said characters. It's magical, isn't it? Being able to put words…


Chronicles of a Writer

As the last shred of light descended over the horizon, the world plunged into eternal darkness, leaving only one person standing on the earth. A girl stood alone, dark hair that matched the empty sky cascading around her shoulders. She had only two things in her hands, a notebook and a pen. As the ink…

Destroying Writers Block

Sometimes, Writers Block is really bad. Notice that I capitalized it? That's because it's a monster of entirely its own species. It feeds on writer's weaknesses and keeps their dreams from becoming a reality. But who is the culprit? If Writers Block isn't a physical being, what is it? It's you. Maybe you're bored with a…

Looking Rejection In The Face

Let's face it, writing is a hobby that makes us naturally susceptible to rejection. Sure, there are the writers like Jack Gilbert, who published world-renowned poetry and then disappeared for years at a time before coming out with his next piece of writing. Or writers like Walt Whitman, who stood against the boundaries set by…

What Kind Of Character Are You?

I started a blog just for roleplaying as our characters. Come check it out- it’s hosted by Flair!


Character Corner

Here’s a little quiz I made for all of us characters. People think authors do all the work, but we do all the work and they get all the credit! Why do they get their names on the front of the book, but not the very beings that hold up the walls of the story?

Sorry, sorry. I tend to rant.

So anyway, take this quiz to find out what kind of character you are. In other words, how you move the plot along and effect the story. Enjoy!


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Roleplaying As Our Characters

Hi! My name is Flair, and I'm a half-human-half-Centri (A Centri is a type of... 'alien,' as you Earth folk call creatures from other galaxies). My author, Carynn, suggested that I write a post where book characters can communicate, helping their writers to better understand them. To start off, I'll tell you three things about…

Writing Contest- ENDING TOMORROW!

Submit your entries now, because my 500-word writing contest is ending tomorrow, May 9th! If you didn't see the original post, here are the guidelines and prizes: Guidelines- You must be following Writer's BloK. When you submit your entry, make sure to tell me your username so I can check to be sure you're subscribed!…

Bailey- A Short Horror Story

As some of you know, I recently published a short story on Amazon called 'Precipice.' I'm currently writing another short story (a horror), which will be up on Amazon (hopefully) by next week. I thought I'd give you all a sneak peek of some of the story. Feedback is appreciated! Here's the beginning of my…