‘The Way She Sees It’- A Culture Podcast

I wanted to share a podcast that my cousin HG just released. It covers pop culture, current events, writing, and history from her perspective. Check it out, seriously. It's awesome! Click HERE to follow the podcast so you'll be notified of new episodes.    


WritersBloK is on Spotify!

My new WritersBloK podcast is now available on Spotify! To check it out, CLICK HERE. I'll be uploading two episodes a week, all of them on writing a fictional novel step by step. Your subscriptions to the podcast are so motivating, and I really appreciate them! Make sure to tell me what you think if…

How I Write So Much

I've had people ask me how I write so much. Generally, I write around 2,000 words a day, but on a good writing day I can get up to 6,000. I try to write every day, which would make my average writing week 14,000 words. According to these numbers, that would mean that I write…