Rate Precipice On Goodreads

Some of you know that I recently published and Amazon 'short read' (a story that takes only about half an hour to finish). I just got accepted as a Goodreads author, so click here to follow me! If you have read Precipice, I would really appreciate a review. If you haven't, you can get it…


What Kind Of Character Are You?

I started a blog just for roleplaying as our characters. Come check it out- it’s hosted by Flair!


Character Corner

Here’s a little quiz I made for all of us characters. People think authors do all the work, but we do all the work and they get all the credit! Why do they get their names on the front of the book, but not the very beings that hold up the walls of the story?

Sorry, sorry. I tend to rant.

So anyway, take this quiz to find out what kind of character you are. In other words, how you move the plot along and effect the story. Enjoy!


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Roleplaying As Our Characters

Hi! My name is Flair, and I'm a half-human-half-Centri (A Centri is a type of... 'alien,' as you Earth folk call creatures from other galaxies). My author, Carynn, suggested that I write a post where book characters can communicate, helping their writers to better understand them. To start off, I'll tell you three things about…

My Writing Problems

I've felt lost as a writer recently, and I hope that talking about it will help. Here are some of my many writing problems: . I've grown impatient. I wrote a 23,000-word novella in one week, edited the whole draft twice the following day, and had ten beta readers lined up just hours afterward. While…

Which Book Should I write?

As some of you know, I recently completed the first book in my novella series Mysticus. I'm currently waiting on my beta reader's critiques, and from there I'll be querying my chosen list of agents. Sadly, I'm a very impatient person. It's something I definitely have to work on, but still... I NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING! With…

Contest Reminder

Hello everyone, This is a reminder that submissions for my writing contest will be closed as of March 1st, which is getting close! Head over to the contest page if you haven't already, and if you have, make sure to submit your entry. Winners will receive a $10 Books-A-Million gift card. If you aren't familiar with…

Writer Obstacles

Writing is something that I've never been able to walk away from, no matter how frustrating, disappointing and energy-draining it's been. When I can't decide what to write, I'm stuck in part of my project, or I just don't have the confidence, people tend to say, "Why don't you just take a break? Stop writing…

Neverland-The Rift

After years of suggesting my dad get back into writing (he wrote stories as a teenager), I've finally convinced him to co-write a book with me. I don't know how long he'll continue before he decides it isn't for him (hopefully after the book is complete...), but I'm hoping some feedback will help. Our book…