I must admit, I’ve never been much for poetry- especially actually writing it. I’ve decided to pick it up, though, and at least give it a try. Here’s my first attempt, a little poem I wrote about winter. Who knows… maybe I’ll try another one soon!


A dusting of snow

Peppers the earth with white powder,

Sprinkles the pines with ivory crystals,

Bends their brambly arms into misshapen arches.

Diamond swords cling to every surface,

Before shattering into a million frozen fragments.

Winter, the tyrant which opposes all things warm,

Is master over all

His domain the bleak world he’s seized with a single miserly hand.

He lets loose raging frost that creeps across the ground,

Becoming an icy film that coats the infinite expanse of existence.

A bitter wind strips the trees,

Robs them of any lingering leaves,

Howling and shrieking in its misery.