Writing Livestream Recap!

If you weren't able to watch mine and my cousin H.G Warrender's writing livestream, check it out below! Enjoy! Also, we hope to do another live stream event soon, so stay tuned! (In other words, I'll keep you posted... haha, blogging pun...) https://youtu.be/CskEi0hDAHI?list=PLiv8aI8E7V_9WG48wBkkIXYUE4vrXDrsN


Teen Authors Talk Writing- Livestream

Teen authors H.G Warrender ('The Way She Sees It' culture podcast) and Carynn Bohley ('Precipice') talk about the process of writing a book, short story, podcast or blog, and answer your writing questions. - - - As some of you know, my cousin H.G Warrender and I are hosting a writing livestream tomorrow, Wednesday the…

Interview With Sophie Lloyd

Aren't interviews so fun? Sophie Lloyd and I decided to interview each other about writing, animals, and life in general. We have a lot in common- we're both teenage homeschoolers, bloggers, writers, and Christians. Click her name to go check out her blog, and click here to see the questions I answered on Sophie's blog!…