I’m having some trouble deciding between a list of names I selected for the MC of my new historical fiction. The book is based in the 1940s, Chicago, and the MC is a twenty-year-old woman. Thoughts?


Thanks for voting!

c. marie bohley magic style

4 thoughts on “Help me Name my MC

  1. Okay, so that means she was born in the 1920s. The top five most popular names were Mary, Dorothy, Helen, Betty, Margaret. If her parents liked to name their children something a bit different then Nora, Rebecca, and Susie (They are normal names but not as popular back then). Now, if her parents had multiple children or were raised in a different country, these names could change.

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    1. Yes, I looked at a few 20s name lists. I chose some that were less popular- the ones I put in the poll. I have trouble choosing character names because I’m afraid to choose the wrong one (strange, I know…). I make it way harder than it needs to be!

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