I just started working on a Christian/Fantasy novel about angels, and I decided to give you all an excerpt. In this book, the main character (Silvis)- as well as the rest of God’s host- has freewill like humans, and they are perfectly loyal to God because of their love for him. Lucifer is an exception, of course, but this story is modern (long after Lucifer’s betrayal). This is only the beginning (a rough draft) but I’d definitely appreciate opinions.

In the infinite expansion of space in which I reside, forever abiding and boundless, time isn’t a necessary unit. The events that take place are measured not by moments or hours; not measured at all. Our world is, always has been, and always will be a haven of love and light and care. Nothing can take from its splendor, not even the fallen ones, for its creator lives with us. Not so much lives, but is.

The pale pink stroke of God’s brush is a thread across the seamless sky, interwoven with the many lush colors that make up its glory. Some are colors no human has ever known to exist, for the intensity of light here has a spectrum of its own.

Here, I am everywhere and nowhere. Heaven is a place where you feel all, as if you are one with every other part of the existence. As if the sky is a continuance of your hand and the ground a continuance of the other.

I can feel Him calling for me. His voice is not a sound or a thought, but something entirely different. It is an intangible force that embodies a hundred diverse emotions. It is a light touch to the soul that sends a hum of beautiful energy through the body, whether it be an angel’s or any other being of his making.

I am before Him immediately, standing in New Eden. It is the purest garden, untouched by darkness. All that lives here thrives peacefully, rich and glorified by the Lord’s presence. He is ineffable, a being all of his own, a creature of light and goodness that shines like a thousand suns in His gleaming eye. He sees all, He is all, and before Him I am rendered speechless. Though I’ve been in His company always, He never ceases to still me with the beauty that radiates from Him in a golden aura of love and sanctuary.

My child of light.” His words are so perfect, so affectionate and beautiful, that I feel unholy before Him.

Father.” My own voice is light and airy, and as soon as I say the word it has been taken by nothingness. I close my eyes and bow my head, wishing I could do more to show my dedication and my immeasurable love for Him. But He knows. He always knows.

“I have a mission for you, sweet Silvis,” the Lord tells me.

“Anything, Father!” I reply eagerly. More than anything I want to please Him.

“Walk with me, child.” I follow Him through the garden of New Eden, admiring the vibrant colors of life at its best. The ground upon which the Lord treads is earthy and green, made brighter by His miraculous touch that holds the power to create life from nothing.

I am patient, as is an important virtue, while we walk. We enter a grove of fruit trees, and it is only now that the Lord speaks. “Do you recognize this orchard?” He asks me.

“Yes. It is the place where Adam and Eve defied you,” I say, my soul shivering slightly at the thought of it. “Or, rather, a replica- as this is not the true Garden of Eden.”

“Quite so. Why do you think I allowed evil to walk in Eden?”

I consider this. “It wasn’t your fault… it was Lucifer’s betrayal. You couldn’t have known his loyalties lied with his own ambition and not to you.”

“I know all, Silvis,” the Lord reminds me with a patient smile. “I had always known Lucifer’s true intentions. As he grew more powerful, his beauty and goodness festered. His soul blackened, withering away over time. He wanted to be respected, to wield full power. He wanted to create life.”

“Why did you let him spread sin, Father? Why didn’t you stop him before his righteousness faded and he guided others to the darkness, as well?”

“This is something that you will learn for yourself, young one. Like many others of your kind, I shall send you to Earth to guide over humans,” He tells me.

A curious, delightful feeling fills me. “I will be a Guardian?”

“You will. You will save people, Silvis. You will spread my love and protect my people from the treacherous hands of the fallen. There is one thing I must tell you, though.”

“What is it, Father?”

“Each Guardian I send to Earth is meant to fulfill a different purpose. Meant to touch certain lives. You, my child, have a very special mission to complete. You will hide your wings and live among humans. This is how you will spread my word and care for them. They will follow your example.”

I’m surprised by this. “Father… I am to live alongside humans?”

“You are.”

I would never contradict my Lord, but I don’t understand what he is asking of me. I’ve never heard of a Guardian being visible to humans, but only watching them unseen and caring for them without their knowing.

“I’m not sure if I can, Father,” I say quietly, feeling ashamed.

“You can. I told you this, Silvis. I know all.”

He does. I know He does.

“Yes, Father,” I say. “I will make you proud.”

The Lord’s smile is so affectionate that my aura illuminates the grove. “You already have, my child.”

2 thoughts on “Guardian Wings

  1. Hi Carynn, I thought I sent this already, but I guess my account was not in order….second attempt. I like your start. Aside from some spelling/tense errors, which I’m sure you will pick up on in further edits, there is one spot that seemed strange to me. God says in talking about Lucifer, “…beauty and goodness festered”. Festered is the verb and usually refers to a furthering process of decay that has already begun. It might make more sense to say something like, once beauty and goodness eroded, evil festered.


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